Mc Onor Pub

Much more than a pub: come and visit us, don't you will be disappointed

McOnor Pub & Restaurant

When you do what you love to do, the result is almost guaranteed. For us at McOnor, the customer is at the center of our attention.
The choice of products is not secondary. All our products are of the highest quality and we work them and serve our best to meet everyone’s expectations. Because you know, eating is one of life’s pleasures. If it is not done well, what pleasure is it?

Set menu for lunch

Fixed price menu for lunch, from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays

Mc Onor isn’t just a pub

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Brewery and lounge area.
This is what you can find at Mc Onor. At your choice, pizzas, selected beers and snacks for all tastes.

Our offer

Mc Onor is able to satisfy almost all the needs of its customers with a wide range of dishes served from the restaurant kitchen or from the pizza oven.
Excellent for spending an evening in the company of friends or colleagues for an aperitif at the bar or why not, for an excellent drink after dinner at our bar lounge

The McOnor Pub

We at Mc Onor love the products of nature, which we select for quality, freshness and specialty, both in the food supply chain and in the assortment of beers, wines, spirits and drinks.

To emphasize the fragrance of the flavors, we prepare the dishes at the moment, keeping waiting times to a minimum (which may not be the same as in the pizzeria).

The pasta of our pizzas is prepared every day with a mixture of five different flours among the most valuable on the market, such as Kamut, and left to rise naturally for at least 15 hours.

The result of many years of experience and continuous improvement, this blend is the secret of the particular fragrance and consistency of cooked pasta, and is carefully dosed every day, also based on weather conditions, to keep its particular characteristics and high digestibility intact .

Our commitment:

  • satisfy the well-being of our customers
  • respect authentic flavors and conviviality

We are waiting for you.
See you soon.